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How To Write A Blog Post

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Tips to Write Blog Post to Get More Comments than You Expects!

So you have successfully managed to make your own blogs and run them along with some beautiful blog content before the site was actually live (You have done a great job! I on the other hand never did anything of that sort. I just wrote some blogs and posted it!)

But the problem is in spite of giving so much of effort and putting such amazing content, no one is actually commenting on them! Even after you put 4 posts in a row, no one is commenting on the posts. What’s going wrong? You are putting all your sweat, blood and tears for a post sometimes even wake for the whole night to write quality blogs, but after 2 days of the post being live nothing is happening! No response!

No one is even commenting on things like mazing post' or something. But you know that you have put a wonderful post on your social media account but then why no one is commenting on your post?

Here are some Blog Writing Tips that will help you to gain lots of comment for your post:

Give an eye-catching Heading

The Headline is one such part of a blog or article that attracts readers. People see the headline, find it catchy and click & view the post. But you need to know what a good headline means and also inherit the skills to write an eye-catching good headline.

One thing I have noticed is that, in Pinterest, the headlines are similar for most repins. Here are a few headlines that I have seen are doing well: inboxdollars review at

Secrets! This particular word is very eye-catchy! People will obviously become curious to found out what the secret is. Headings like ecret to Live a Happy Life' will make the reader click it and see what are the hidden facts.

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Okay! Now next are Fears and Mistakes! Though it might seem a bit wrong to focus on someone's mistakes if you write it in a proper way, it will attract your readers. So wouldn't you use this highly repinnable heading?

I definitely would do that!

See? This absolutely works!

Next comes building a CTA. CTA stands for Call-to-action. CTA tells the reader what needs to be done at the end of a blog. It includes words like “Sign Up”. You can even use such CTA is your heading to help the readers get directly on to the point.

Use phrases like ry Out’, heck this out’ or lick here to find Out’ in the heading. These phrases are one of type most effective method to attract readers since they will be curious to find out what actually is there in the post. Also, the readers will directly get to the main focus area by clicking on the headline.

Personalize it according to your needs!

Things like using a first-person narrative (I or my) rather than using a second person narrative will make the matter more relatable for the reader. First Person narrative has given better results in Pinterest.

This is mainly because every reader when they search for stuff on Pinterest, they look for success stories or stories that are relatable to their lives. Suppose there is a mom’s pin about how she manages to do her office work along with taking care of 2 children at the same time, other moms will be anxious to know how on earth she is managing to balance her personal life as well as professional life smoothly. This type of pins generates more than 5 k repins. That’s a huge amount I must say! Go for such success stories that are relatable with the reader!

Proper Formatting is a must!

A blog post is not the same as you write easy. It comes with certain rules and formats. When I started writing at the beginning of my career I had very little knowledge about all these things.

I started understanding the format by going through several posts and blogs. The more I read I understood what was right and what was going wrong in my blogs.

One of the most important things about writing blogs is making them readable that is easy-to-read. Keep in mind that a reader does not have a lot of time to invest in reading one blog. The more complex the blog, the reader will get bored with it and stop reading! So to encourage them reading your blogs make it less complex and easy to go.

Here are some tips to make your content easy-to-read:

Try to make short paragraphs! Long paragraphs affect the readability and soon the reader gets tired of reading such lengthy paragraphs. Subheads are a good idea to make your blog look attractive.

This helps to break your post in different parts and hence the reader can focus on the part he is interested the most. Even subheads are also good for Search Engine Optimization.

Next comes bullets.

Numbers and bullets make your blogs very attractive and help the reader to read pointwise. The advantage of bullets and numbers is the reader can focus on the different points of your blog without mixing them up.Try to Bold the important words and phrases in your blog so that the reader can pay attention to the important phrases and words.

So put bullets, break your paragraphs, and make short sentences and bold words to make your blogs more attractive and readable.

Pour your Personality in your Blog

Always remember your blog is a reflection of your personality. If you are an introvert person it might be hard to pour your voice into your blog. People often start writing in a way as if they are writing others opinion and not their own.

This often happens to me. But, to become a pro blogger you need to fix this my own. You have figure out your own style of writing and pour yourself in the blogs that you write.

Remember, these are your personal blog. You can do anything with them. Whatever might be your opinion you need to out it straight. If necessary, to go with the flow you can even use slangs and other fun words, the same you that you speak in general.

What I am trying to say is that just think that the readers are your BFF! For example, inboxdollars Melyssa Griffin often denotes *drops mic* in her posts. Similarly, Dre Beltrami often curses like a sailor and fun fact, the people actually love this attitude of hers.

The day you will pour your personality in the blogs, you will see people will start getting attracted to your blogs and start loving your unique style of writing.

And the day you start pairing your personality with a high-end visual brand, it's all yours! Kudos! People start recognizing you!

One of my fav girl boss & brand is Allison from Wonderlass. She is a rock star! Find out how her personality comes out through her blogs:

Hey, there buttercup! Know what I really want today? Ice Cream!

It’s fabulous!

So, do not be shy. All that matters is whether you are having fun or not. Though I am an introvert, the more blogs and videos I post, the more I pour myself into it and have fun, the more my personality will improve and reach people.

Put a lot of Information

One of the common mistakes most new bloggers do these days that might be the reason behind their sites not getting popular is writing for own and not for others. Though you are supposed to put your opinions in your blogs, it should be noted that the blog should be helpful for others.

For example, a post liked y Trip to Zoo with my 2 kids’ will not generate quiet popularity. This is because why would people be interested in knowing about your experience in a zoo with your kids?

But when you write the heading as ere’s how I had a Stress free quality time with my kids at the Zoo’, this will attract readers since they will be curious to know how on earth did you have a quality time in a zoo that too with 2 kids?

Okay so now we are talking!

This becomes an informative post, as other moms will get helpful tips to deal with their kids while she is on a vacation. Did you get my point?

So schedule your editorial process and think about the specific blogs that are more informative and helpful.

The phrase ow-to....’ will immediately draw your reader’s attention as the heading itself says there are a lot of tips and suggestion in the blog.

Providing tips and strategies that are actionable will bring queries in the reader's mind and they will start questioning in your comment section.

Promote the blogs you write

Here’s something to focus on.

One of the major reasons why your blogs are not getting popularity is because most readers don’t even know they actually exist!

Bloggers read numerous posts in a day. I also get several emails in a day in the form of marketing emails, newsletters, inquires, client work and other stuff from the subscribers.

When you promote your posts everywhere people start recognizing you. And once you have created the reader's platform, you don't need to promote your posts much.

Do you really think Melyssa Griffin does waste her time for promotion? No! She writes a very few blogs yet these blogs get promoted. She has already got that targeted audience through social and organic sites.

But wait! You are a newcomer and no one knows you. So you have to keep no stones unturned to promote your blogs and site.

Go to Facebook groups and other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and share more and more posts of your yours.

Make sure you reach every possible audience as much as you can.

Add a CTA even at the end of the post

CTA is important both in the headline and in the last paragraph.

But why?

This helps to start a conversation in the comment section. At the end of my blogs, I usually ask a question to my readers.

For example:

It’s your turn now... Tell me which your favourite Social Media site and how you use it to the fullest.

All you need is to start a conversation where you can read the readers opinions and questions and then answer them in a beautiful way.

Now, what about your lead magnet?

If you are wondering what a lead magnet is, it is the main freebie that you are offering to your readers.

You often see an ad for bloggers lead magnets such as video course, eBook, resource library on the sites, sidebars and end of several posts.

As a CTA you can have a sign-up form at the end of your blog post. People will have questions to ask about the sign-up form and your comment section will be full!

Make it easy for the readers to comment

Well, there are many commenting systems that are super complicated and irritating.

For examples, sites that use Disqus are not my cup of tea. I hate commenting on them! After I leave a comment, fill out the info & submit, it simply disappears! This is so annoying!

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Even if I fill out my info, drop a comment and submit my comment, I get annoying authentication alert and they ask me to check my mail. This is gross!

There are some commenting systems that let you jump through anti-spam loops before commenting on a post.

So, in short, all you need to do is make your commenting system easy for the readers.

You can use Akismet to handle spam comments. I prefer using this plug-in for my sites.

Blog Writing to gain Traffic

So ready for tones of comment? All you have to do is promote your posts after optimizing it for commenters. Now you are ready to enjoy the tons of comment on your posts!

Any of the above can help you generate lots of comment on your posts. It Depends on you which one you choose!

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